Chichester Harbour seals

Chichester Harbour  now has a colony of some 30 mixed  grey and harbour seals .They seem to be increasing in numbers year on year as young pups have been spotted amongst the group ,they tend to keep them selves to them self s but can often be seen first thing in the morning or on quieter days .The 10.30 and 4.30pm trips are the best chance of seeing a seal ,but you have to keep a sharp look out .

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Chichester seal colony is growing every year

Chichester seal colony is growing every year

We have started seal watching this season ,there seems to be a few less than last year with average numbers around 25 . May be a few have moved off to form another colony elsewhere .

Update august 2017

The colony is back to its original numbers, the best trip we spotted 34 seals in total, four of which were this years pups born around the second week of July .