Chichester Harbour Seals

Chichester Harbour has a colony of some 30 mixed grey and harbour seals. Their numbers seem to be increasing year on year as young pups are often spotted amongst the group. They tend to keep to themselves but can often be seen first thing in the morning or on quieter days around the harbour. You are most likely to see them on our 10:30am and 4:30pm harbour tour trips.

We can offer specialised Seal Watching tours. This is a two hour trip we cruise around the harbour looking for the resident seal colony . We’re happy to report we have seen them on every trip we have done so far! The price is £15 per person and we depart from Chichester Marina. Booking is essential as places go quickly. Please email to enquire or call Adam on 07900086085.

Aug 6th 9am 2 places
Aug 7th 10am 8 places
Aug 11th 2.15pm 10 places
Aug 18th 9am 8 places
Aug 20th 9am 8 places
Aug 27th 2.30 6 places
Sept 2nd 9am 10 places
sept 8th 1pm 10 places
Oct 3rd 10am 7 places